Fountain of New Covenant (Rev 21:6-7, Heb 8:7-10), Ft Worth TX is a very dynamic church taking over our city and community back from illegal occupiers (that is Christ enemies) with  love impacting our community, with high thanksgiving and praises to know His Will.

The first fellowship was at the Comfort suites, in June 2013. The church moved to 6934 South Fwy, in 2014 and May 2016 moved to our present auditorium, 6930 South Fwy, converting 6934 space to teen/outreach place.

With the Grace of God Almighty, the church started with three families, and growing steadily, blessed with people of dreams with great potentials.

New to the area, and looking for God`s love, family, friendly church, please come as you are and God Almighty will make you and family a New Covenant Champion, and Untouchable to the enemies, through Jesus Christ our Lord amen.